John Vargason’s Will

John Vergason/Vergison/Vargason, who died February 23, 1782, left a will.  This document is important for many reasons, but primarily because it documents that he was the father of Ezekiel Vargason.  And, that allows us to confidently record another generation in our family tree.  The Vargason Lineage page will be updated soon with this information.

John Vergison's signature

John Vergison’s signature

In his will, recorded in Norwich, Connecticut, he names his “loving wife Hannah” as well as his children:  John, Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Thankfull, Anna, and Martha.  The children are probably named in birth order by gender.

In the will written December 9, 1777, he bequeathed to his grandson Elijah Simons, son of his daughter Anna Simons, ten acres of land and  the remainder of his estate after debts were paid and other bequests were made–on condition that “Elijah shall continue to live and dwell with me until he shall arrive to the age of twenty-one years.”  No doubt a disappointed grandfather, in a codicil dated January 26, 1782, he withdrew this bequest, because “Elijah did not fulfill said conditions, but did leave me and depart, and cease to dwell with me.”

Following John’s death, an inventory of his goods was taken on March 8, 1782.  Shown below, it includes what is probably a fairly typical list of household items for his day.

Inventory from will

Inventory of John Vergison’s goods



2 thoughts on “John Vargason’s Will

  1. This is my maternal grandfather’s ancestor. Have you found the link to the Ipswich, MA John V yet? I am definitely interested in the solid link to Scotland as well. Looking forward to your response.

    • The search for a link between Ispwich and Norwich continues. If you–or any other reader–should find the link, or any hint of a link, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post it here!

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